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Finally, the Home Genie blog!

I won’t lie to you: starting an online services marketplace is not easy. Specially, if your background is not on IT, nor in home services. Actually, this blog, that was meant to start a couple of months ago, could not take off for other business reasons. And, in business, specially a small one, domino effect is sometimes unstoppable, leaving you with your hands tied and with sleepless nights. 

If I look back, from the moment we started Home Genie, -this project we are so passionate about-, I would change many things. I would be quicker in taking decisions my gut already knows I have to take. I would prioritize better; I would handle first the macro, and then, the micro. After all, that’s what a CEO is meant to do.   

But enough of beating myself up. They say you should not compete with anyone but yourself. Many people could have done it better, faster, more efficiently. But if I look to where we were a year ago, and I look at Home Genie now, I can proudly spot many productive (and not so productive) hours in front of a computer, hundreds of phone conversations -with local providers, IT experts all over the globe, potential partners abroad- , meetings everywhere, a startup accelerator program, newspaper interviews, and a lot of pitching.  

Home Genie’s mission is to build a bridge between Spain, and the expat community in Spain. It aims to make your life easier by helping you with your home in the Costa Blanca, providing access, in English, to trustworthy, insured professionals. Booking with us, you know what exactly you can expect out of the job,, and what you are going to pay. But that is only the start. We are so happy you are joining us in the exciting adventure.