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Home Genie takes over Madrid

We’ve got the insider’s guide to the Capital. What a thriving, exciting city. 

Madrid is everything we love: a colourful mix of people, of every part of the world, generating a new, third character; the local, the foreigner, and the City. But Madrid has also an untainted, change-averse personality. lt remains her own, while respectfully watches people come and go. 

We started our trip eating at Arallo, right next to Gran Vía, as we were looking for the fun of the barra, and interaction with the kitchen. They go under the striking tag line «polluted food», referring to its Galician origins, with Asian influences. Arallo was exactly what we were looking for; fun environment and striking food. If we were to pick one thing, we would stay with the grilled razor clams with wasabi. 

Arallo’s version of razor clams

Just across the street, there’s an old-time jewel: Del Diego Cocktail bar. It is not bold to say that Madrid’s cocktail scene wouldn’t be the same without it.  An old time classic without any glimpse of decadence, Del Diego is vintage and at the same time, youthful and curated. We went for a pisco sour, and it didn’t disappoint.

Del Diego, just 2 streets from Gran Vía

But not everything is eating and drinking in Madrid. Unlike what you may initially think, the best flamenco in Spain is found in the capital. El Corral de la Morería stands as the temple of flamenco. If you decide to go, not only will you leave the place full of embrujo, but you should also entertain yourself in the never ending manzanilla, fino, amontillado and all sort of generosos wine list.  If you don’t know the difference between these, in can easily give us for another blog post. For now, while at El Corral, just ask to be adviced by their charming sommelier, and order one of this for a change. El Corral de la Morería is not only considered the best tablao in the planet, but it also has a gastronomic restaurant with a Michelin star. In no other place in the World will you be able to have best flamenco and best food in the same space.

©Corral de la Morería

Just just fitting the initial description of the city, you cannot leave Madrid without going for the most authentic Madrilenian food of all time (with callos due respect): el bocata de calamares.  We had this at the stickiest neighbourhood bar we could find. And we chose well.

bocata de calamares, home genie, home genie spain
Deliciously oily bocata de calamares

Have you explored the capital yourself? We would love if you could share your recommendations, so the Home Genie team and other fellow expats can benefit from your experience. 

Who has time for cleaning, gardening, handyman work or pool maintenance when you could be at the Sala 12 of the Prado museum watching Las Meninas?

©Museo del Prado